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Winter weather is very depleting to skin.  The following are some ideas for caring for your skin despite the harsh dry air of the season:

Heating systems especially those in large commercial settings such as places of business dry out the air as it is heated, and re-circulated, so consider installing a humidifier in your home, or even an inexpensive portable humidifier in your bedroom where you typically spend hours per day at rest, in order to put valuable moisture back into the air and help dimish the effects of dry air depleting your skins natural water stores.

Moisturizers are another survival tool to protect, and feed dry skin, however those containing waxes (even natural such as beeswax), heavy oils such as almond oil, butters such as shea, all petrolates, and silicones such as dimethicone are way too heavy, occlusive, coating, and prone to causing dead skin build up for the thinner skin of the face, and neck. Save the heavier natural oils, and butters for the skin of the body which is well equipped to thrive from such rich, and occlusive lnatural lipids.  it is best to avoid regular use of the silicones, and sythetic waxes as these skin silkening agents while seemingly beneficial upon application, create the illusion of moisturized skin can actually leave behind an invisible film that creates more dryness, and build up.  Such build up will for many create a need for yet more moisturizer, as well as clogging, and or further drying skin, and even clog pores reguarless of being promoted as non-comedigenic.

In terms of moisturizer application; warm skin is best in order to get the most benefit. In order for the skin to properly  absorb/ utilizie any moisturizer for both face, and body, tit is best applied to skin after a bath, shower, or massaging the skin to rev up sluggish circulation that occurs when skin is even somewhat cool, or cold.  For hands, try rubbing vigorously, or rinsing with moderately warm water prior to applying hand cream.  You'll see a more effective result, and if you are using a chemical free formula you should also require less product, and less frequent need to reapply.